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In today's post I would like to say a few words about my body structure and my eating habits.

At first sight most of you would probably say I'm not eating very much and that I may be sick because of my profession. I agree, there is a lot of disorders and distortions because of fashion industry and it's very sad to be a part of it from that point of view. But then again I can say for myself that I'm definitely not one of those who would starve themselves. Many people know me personally and know for sure that I love food and I would never say no to it.

With my 23 years of age, I've never really complained about my body shape. Fortunately, I could always eat whatever and whenever I wanted and not have problems with weight. As far as exercising goes, I did some home yoga and I was running occassionally, so nothing really professional. I think the main factor for my body structure involve my good genes and a great metabolism. ;)

However, for a long time now I've wanted to become more disciplined and consistent with my workouts in order to be fit and to really learn how to take care of my body. The body is the only place we have to live in! As I'd never played any sport professionally I admit I lack discipline, which is what really counts if you want to achieve some results. 

So this time I've decided to make a good workout plan, which I will share with you! That way I will be forced to report you my progress. My first step was to find someone who will help me with this. Someone who will teach me the correct exercises, supervise and encourage me to my goal. And I coulnd't be in better hands for this! 

For more, stay tuned!

All details are coming soon... ;)

With love,



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Comments (2)

  • Elma

    Waiting for details…zelo všečn blog:) lepo je videti, da se tudi pri nas razvija bloganje…
    Pozdrav iz Francije!

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  • Alenka Čelič

    Hej Anela! Odlično ti gre, le tako naprej....:)

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