How to start? That was my first question when I decided to go to the gym and build my body. ;) I admit, I would never make the first step by myself, that's why a special thanks goes to my better half. He brought me to the gym and introduced me to his friend, who's a true master of fitness. It was not easy. I had stage fright. But thanks to Mario, it was much easier.

This was my first contact with gym so I want to share a few helpful tips how to start. It's important to know that so far I only did running and yoga on my own, so all this gym thing is really new to me. Since forever I've had this strange feeling about going to the gym to exercise in front of other people. Especially because most of them have nice and big muscles. 

This is my TIP #1: don't be scared and go for it! Don't forget that each and every one of them were just as I am or you are at the beginning. So I did it, for the first time I went to the gym! 

My second question was, what do I need with me to gym? So my TIP #2: you don't need much: just some comfortable sporty clothes, trainer shoes, water & a towel. As an extra thing for boost, you can make a special playlist of your favorite music to keep you happy and motivated. Okay, maybe for me, as a fashionista, it was also very important to get my first "fitness look". I chose a whole NIKE look, grey sports bra and shorts and neon yellow training shoes. ;) 

So I was finally ready to go! The first day was all about theory. Mario, who has gym on his daily schedule, explained all the basic and important things about exercises and fitness equipment. My TIP #3: for the first training session, get some professional assistence. It's really important to know what you want to achieve and how to get there. So my TIP #4: make your plan! In my case, I don't want to lose weight but I also don't want to get huge muscles. My plan is to strengthen the body. I want to focus specifically on the abdomen and legs, and so we made a plan!


 - My training plan - 

The training plan consists of three training sessions per week. Each training session I start with warming up my body - about 15 minutes on the runner or stepper. After that it's really important to stretch the muscles. Thanks to my yoga skills I'm like a chewing gum, so this is my favorite part! After a good stretch comes the real work-out. 

Each training I will focus on different things. We have prepared three type of training days: one day it's "leg day", next one "cardio" and the third training day will be focused on "combo and abs". 

Don't worry, these words are all new to me, too! Everything will be explained in the following posts where I will go through and describe my each training session.

Until my first training post, let me just remind you: it's really important to start slow, make a training plan and the most imporant thing is to learn to listen to your body. 

Let's do it! ;)

See you in the gym!  

Much love,



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