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Good morning! I've got great news for you guys! From today on me and a few other Slovenian bloggers are starting a big collaboration with SchneeKoppe Slovenia. You can read who else is in this project right here. We will share our experience and tips for a healthy lifestyle with SchneeKoppe products. SchneeKoppe is a German brand that encompasses over 120 products in the field of healthy nutrition. From natural classics such as linseed oil, linseed and muesli bars to ranges for gluten and lactose-free diets.

 SchneeKoppe includes 4 different lines of products for a healthy life: 

 - SchneeKoppe Vital: muesli, snacks, fruit slices, bars, juices, ingredients - natural food classics form the basis of a healthy and balanced diet;

 - SchneeKoppe Gluten free: bakery goods, flour, muesli, bars and ready meals are subject to strict controls and contain less than 20 ppm of gluten;

 - SchneeKoppe Lactose free: chocolate and biscuits lactose-free and wonderfully agreeable;

 - SchneeKoppe Sugar-conscious diet: sweeteners, fruit sugar, fruit and sandwich spreads and sweet treats contain no added sugar. 

We all know health is man's greatest treasure, but sometimes we forget a bit about it. It's very importnat to learn to prevent sickness and try to do something good for your body every day. I know most of us live a fast way of life and I admint, it's not easy to start and it takes time to get used to a healthier lifestyle, but once you get into it, you can not imagine a different way!

Well, to be honest I'm not such a "healthy freak", but I like to take care of myself. I like to be active and do sports, besides that I try to balance good healthy food with all other delicious "unhealthy" goodies. ;)

So everyone let's do something good for ourselves and get ready for the upcoming "bikini season"! ;) Stay tuned for my next post with first tips and tricks for a happy and healthy life! 

Have a positive start of the new week! 

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