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Traveling is my biggest pleasure, but packing? Well I don’t really know a single person who loves it, and neither do I! But after my latest trip to Barcelona I have experienced something new, and I want to share it with you! 

First, let me tell you a bit about my “rules” when it comes to traveling/packing. In the last almost 10 years of my intensive traveling around the world I've learned how important it is to organize yourself and think about what exactly you need on your travels! I have created a few categories for an easier order of packing.  
1. DOCUMENTS – first, of course, you need to make sure you have all the documents and that they are valid (passport, visas, health insurance etc.). Once you are able to travel, check the weather at your travel destination, so you can plan the hardest part – if you ask me! – 2. CLOTHES – packing clothes, shoes, accessories… I hate the fact that I always need to decide my looks in advance, while in reality I choose my everyday outfits based on my morning mood. This is also the point where I learned it's better to take less, because I always do some shopping when it comes to city trips. So besides the weather, the duration of your trip is always good to have in mind. That way it's easier to create looks for each day. The next important category is 3. ELECTRONIC DEVICES. When I travel, I always take my phone, computer, camera and all chargers with me. And at last I pack my 4. BEAUTY products. I always recommend to take just the most essential products you use on a daily base and you are not able to get them on your travel destination. Products like shampoos, body lotions etc., can take up a lot of place and spill, but in the end you can always get those on your destination. It's much easier than taking them with you, and worrying the whole way there whether something will spill and whether your luggage will exceed the weight limit.  
Once you organize your things for packing, comes a very important fact - how will you carry all your things with you? The choice of suitcase is very important. Let me just tell you how naive and inexperienced I was on one of my first model trips to Taiwan for 3 months. So my suitcase broke on the way there, I really didn’t stress about it in the next three months. But when I was about to leave home, I went to buy my very first suitcase, alone. So back then my point was ''I want the biggest (because I did a lot of shopping there) and the coolest one!'' And I got one - a huuuge suitcase in pink color (haha really? PINK?!), and the weight of suitcase itself was 10 kg! I was walking all proud with a new suitcase in which I had all my things! I was feeling like a winner until I came to the luggage DROP OFF desk at the airport and I realized I was like 15 kg overweight. O M G, what a nightmare! So in the end I paid a lot, but I learned an important lesson – NEVER EVER! Yeah, sweet 16! :D 
So that’s why I said the choice of your suitcase is very important! Because with the right suitcase, traveling is much easier! The facts you should consider about before buying one are SIZE – for carry on bag there are special sizes, the WEIGHT – the lighter it is, the better, QUALITY - did you ever think what they do with your suitcases? They are definitely not gentle and careful, so if the suitcase is not made out of good quality materials, they can break easily.
And so for the last trip to Barcelona I got myself a new SUITSUIT set of these three beautiful Fabulous Fifties suitcases in pastel colors. Well, beside the total fashionable look I have to admit that all the important facts I wrote down apply to my new suitcases. Light, quality and easy to get around! On top of it with great design! Well done, SUITSUIT! 

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