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Legs out season is officially over and now it's just perfect time to start using my new Philips Lumea Prestige IPL hair removal. Being fuzz-free is every girl’s dream, but shaving or waxing can be a real pain and needs so much maintenance way too regularly if you ask me. Well, I don't have a problem with shaving my legs, that's the easiest way to "de-fuzz", but then there's underarm hair, bikini area, facial hair, arm hair... etc. Come on Mother Nature, don’t you know us girls have sleeveless tops and bikinis to wear sometimes? Beside that, a very important thing, ever since I started to work as a model, I had to be every single day in a perfect shape from head to toe ready for a job! So you can imagine, shaving and various options of waxing made me pretty out of my mind. Complaints aside, I decided to look into other ways of hair reduction at home and I came across PHILIPS LUMEA PRESTIGE IPL for removal of hair on body, face and bikini.

First, very important fact I’d like to point out that Lumea Prestige is a form of IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) treatment and NOT laser hair removal as you can get in salons. IPL is less intensive and a great alternative for home use. The device itself it's super easy to hold and use. It comes with three different attachments – one for larger areas like legs, one for your face and another for bikini. All very straight-forward and very easy to replace. The procedure is NOT painful whatsoever, but I guess it would depend on how sensitive you are to light flashes on your skin and what you define as pain, but if you usually wax then this will be a piece of cake. Trust me.

As I've had just 2 treatmenst done so far, I can not say much about the results yet, but usage is very simple and safe. It took me abut 5 minutes for a bikini part, a minute for underarm part and about 20 minutes for my long legs. After the treatment I haven’t really had any side-effects other than some slight redness, which goes away almost immediately. Looking forward to see what will happen in next month! Stay tuned! 

You can shop Lumea and find out all the information about the product you need right here:

Here’s to a fuzz-free skin and Happy Weekend everyone!




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