Hey folks! I hope you spend 1st of May as "a day off work" in the best possible way! I was surrounded with my loved ones and good food! We went to Bosnia where my parents come from and for the first time I visited capital city of Bosnia - Sarajevo. What to say, I'm impressed! Good food, nice people and great surroundings. ;) My favorite spot was Baščaršija, Sarajevo's old bazaar and the historical and cultural center of the city. The fact that I love to drink real bosnian coffee and to eat all delicious bosnian food.. you can imagine what we did for the most of the time. Haha, so now it's time for cleansing diet. ;) My second favorite spot was the Avaz Twist Tower.It's the newest vantage point where you can enjoy a panorama of Sarajevo. You can look through a telescope from the 36th floor of this building and zoom in on almost every corner of Sarajevo. You can reach this observation deck by a glass elevator, which is also an excellent opportunity to take in the surroundings. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to be back in such a nice city! Short, but sweet holiday. ;)