Back in town!

Heey, folks! So I'm back in Ljubljana! After a month, including my Maldives and Munich trip, I was soo happy to see my loved ones and spend some quality time with them last night. The city center of Ljubljana is lit up and it looks like a fairytale, maybe even a bit too much of everything for my personal taste. :D Well, I don't mind it, it's Christmas time, so shine on, my beautiful city! ;)

Today I will spend time with my boo and later tonight I'm looking forward to meet our friends and have a few drinks together. 

Woop woop, enjoy the weekend everyone!



Hey, peeps! I hope your Christmas was spent surrounded with your loved ones, delicious food and beautiful gifts! Because my parents don’t celebrate Christmas, I always spend these beautiful moments with my second family, my friends! This year was my favourite one! Me and my man were staying at our friends' place. We decided for a 'fishy' xmas dinner and some delicious tiramisu. All home made, thanks to my amazing cooking expert, Vilma! Oh guys, believe it or not, but I ate so much.. too much! That much that my belly looked like I was pregnant, and I’m not kidding you! My boyfriend and I even played a little joke on our friends, said we had some big news for them... and carefully touching my belly.. hahahaha I should've made a video of their reaction.. we had them for a moment, but then I just started to laugh out loud, so they immediatelly knew I was just joking!

After xmas dinner comes the best part of Christmas! Right? Right! :D We started with our smallest, our little star Leah, she was beaming pure joy while opening her gifts! I admit, I’m still super excited when it comes to my gifts! ;) And for the perfect end of already amazing day, we watched an awesome cartoon called "Inside out" - I really recommend it, guys, it's such an awesome story!

Of course I didn’t forget about you, my dear followers! If you follow me on Facebook & Instagram, you've probably seen super cute gifts I prepared for some of you guys! I’m just really thankful for your support and all the good vibes you give me as feedback to my work guys, that keeps me going and going! Thanks to each and every of you! I’m blessed!

Soo, my loves, I truly wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best! Keep the positive vibes going, love each other, and have a wonderful last week of the amazing 2015!

- Special thanks to my dearest ones for their patience and for not eating the food until I didn’t take pictures for my blog! Haha, well that's reality guys, hard job and no jokes! Love you, guys! - 








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Christmas is almost here! Do you have all your gifts ready? Well if not, I've prepared a few ideas what you could present to your loved ones! ;) 

 molami-plica-headphones-2255870-1 Fotor Collage Fotor

1. A BOOK is always a good idea! Especially in time when technology is taking over good old school feeling of paper book. So if you ask me, you can never go wrong with a good book! I would recommend: "ODPRTA KUHNA" book full of delicious recipes from a food market in Ljubljana. Nomnomnom let the cooking begin! 

 book new

// here for 24,99 € //


2. BEANIES & MITTENS with funny motives are soo cute and a perfect match for funny and warm Christmas night! Mix & match this beautiful NEXT beanies & mittens on

 1 4 

3 WomenSnowNoveltyFlip 40496810

// first set for 22 € here + here, second set for 29 € here + here //


3. HEADPHONES are in my everyday use! At home or on my way - good headphones are always welcome and if they are stylish too, then this is it! I just got my new ones from MOLAMI - PLICA. Great sound + cool desing = pure perfection.



// here for 99 € //


4. JEWELRY CASE is a perfect gift for every women. To carefullysave our jewelry at home or when traveling thisMZ WALLACE is just perfectly made for it. 

 2-0-0 2-0-0-2

// here for 100 € //


5. PYJAMAS & FRAGRANT CANDLE is another good set how to make Christmas night cozy and romantic. I love printed pyjamas, when I'm wearing them "the child part" of me is happy and the smell of fragrant candles makes me remember special moments.


5 2 


pajama for 106 € here + candle for 76 € here


Christmas is just around the corner and the only thing we miss is snow! Little snow over the holidays wouldn't hurt, but otherwise I'm just fine without it. ;) Not a very winter person! Anyways, since I got home I have been hanging with my loved ones. On Saturday night, I had a renunion with my friends and my crew from Maldives. We had so much fun! And yesterday me and my boy went to Venice. We thought it would be nice to escape Ljubljana's usual foggy weather, but when we got there, it was fog everywhere and Ljubljana was enjoying the sun! :D But we enjoyed our time together nevertheless and did some shopping on our way home. Afterwards we just ordered some food and enjoyed a cozy evening in our home sweet home.

 IMG 0106 Fotorimage4 FotorFullSizeRenderimage1-1 Fotor


IMG 5785

Hey, peeps! How is the "sweetest" month of the year going so far? Well the holiday craze is in full swing and today's post its all about Christmas spirit and delicious cookies I baked over the weekend with my dear friend Michaela! So much fun! Just like back in the days when we were kids helping our mummy with baking. Being far away from my family, moments like this bring out memories and warm feelings! And before I get all sentimental, let me give you this simple recipe for super delicious cookies, which taste just like granny's. ;)

- 300 g butter
- 160 g sugar
- Vanilla sugar
- 1 egg yolk
- 400 g flour
- 150 g fine almonds
- jam
- Icing sugar, for dusting

1. Heat the owen on 220 °C.
2. Beat butter and sugar with a hand mixer until fluffy. Add vanilla and egg; beat. Add flour and almonds; mix.
3. Transfer dough to a floured surface, form into a disk, roll until 1⁄4" thick. Cut out cookies with different cookie cutters and transfer to parchment paper-lined baking sheets. Chill for 30 minutes.
4. Bake cookies until lightly browned, 10-12 minutes; cool.
5. Place 1 tsp. jam in center of each whole cookie and top each with the second cookie. In the end sprinkle icing sugar over and enjoy delicious cookies!

To avoid the sugar overdose, grab some of the cookies and create beautiful Christmas gifts and make your dearest happy, too! Delicious and made with love gifts are always the best ones! You can put cookies in the gift boxes, festive favor bags, or glass jars, and for the finishing touches add some holiday gift tags with nice messages, or the recipe of the cookies!

With love,

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IMG 5596

IMG 5652

IMG 5633

IMG 5656

IMG 5678

IMG 5681

IMG 5671

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Christmas it's almost here! Have you bought all Christmas presents for your loved ones already? Today I'm giving you some great ideas what to get your girl! Whether it's for your best friend, or your special someone, I doubt they wouldn't like something from my gift guide list! I put together a list of the products which I have really enjoyed lately and mostly on a daily basis. I think that's a great thing when your present is actually useful!

So from early in the morning when I get out of my bed I slip into my warm and cosy bathrobe, while I'm trying to put myself together. First, coffee! Talking about morning coffee/tea - how beautiful is this Tea o'clok set? Sweet! After a few sips of my coffee I'm ready to prepare my face for the day. This amazing DOCTOR BABOR Tech Cellular Ultrasonic Skin Activator is just a perfect morning "wake-up massage"! Personally, make-up is not very important to me, and I really don't waist my time doing it, BUT I love to have my nails well-kept and painted, always! So a new shade of nail polish is always welcome! Another thing which is a part of my everyday is a watch. I'm in love with KAPTEN & SON's minimalistic and classy design - perfect to match with some nice bracelets! And of course since the last few weeks I'm not a moment without my new LEAF by Bellabeat. This beautiful "smart jewellery" is made just for women. Beside all these goodies there is one more thing I'm really hooked on - candles. Whenever I'm home there is at least one lit, and my favorite ones are Diptyque Paris candles with woody scents.

Have a creative Christmas shopping, and don't forget, in the end even a box of cookies made with love can make for a perfect gift! ;)xmasscopy


1. DOCTOR BABOR Tech Cellular

2. KAPTEN & SON watch

3. LEAF by Bellabeat

4.YSL la laque couture holiday collection

5. H&M bathrobe


7. ACCESSORIZE bracelets

8. TEA O' CLOCK set by