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Drage dame, predstavljam vam ShapeIT- novo, inovativno linijo prehrane za aktivne ženske! Linija namenjena vsemu, kar ženske potrebujemo za dobro energijo, ohranjanje mladosti in zdrav življenski slog.

products-headerShapeIT sestavlja 14 visokokakovostnih izdelkov in šest različnih okusov. Prehrano si lahko prilagajate glede na način življenja, tip in pogostost vadbe ter individalne cilje. 



Glede na moj način življenja in intenzivnost treningov sem izbrala: 


1. ENERGY UP!: formula za pred treningom;

Energy Up! vsebuje 3 aminokisline, ki nam dajejo energijo in skrbijo, da imamo dovolj moči. Poleg tega vsebuje 3 g kreatina, ki je najpomembnejša substanca za intenzivne, močne gibe. Pripravim si ga 30 minut pred treningom, in sicer zmešam 1 porcijo napitka z 2 dcl vode in zraven dodam še ShapeIT okus.


2. ACHIEVE MORE - ARGININ: poveča vzdržljivost in pospeši regeneracijo;

Arginin je aminokislina, ki skrbi, da žile ostanejo pretočne in naša cirkulacija hitra in zdrava. S tem, ko skrbimo za dobro pretočnost, telesu pomagamo, da vse, kar potrebuje, dobi hitreje in v zadostni meri. Poleg tega spodbuja sintezo t.i. "hormona mladosti", ki ohranja našo vitalnost, zdravo ožilje, odpornost in lepoto.

Na dan treninga zaužijem dve kapsuli pred in po vadbi.


3. NATURE POWER: bio organske sirotkine beljakovine;

Popolno razmerje beljakovin in ogljikovih hidratov, ki jo uporabim kot podporo po treningu. Pripravim si ga 30 minut po treningu. Če imam čas ga zmešam v smoothie, sicer pa je najbolj hitra in enostavna kombiancija voda + ShapeIT okus in napitek je pripravljen! 


4. NO LIMITS 4 ME - Beta alanin:

Beta alanin je amino kislina, ki zvišuje nivo karnozina v mišicah in s tem ščiti njihovo tkivo pred obrabo, z vzpostavljanjem pravega pH v mišicah pa prepričuje bolečine po treningu.

Tako si z 1 kapsulo pred in 1 kapsulo po izredno napornih treningih zagovotovim dodatno energijo za mišice.


Za piko na i pa naj še omenim, da ShapeIT vsebuje najkakovostnejše naravne in certificirane surovine in je proizveden v EU po farmacevtskih standardih.


Drage dame, naj se "shape-anje" do osebnih in športnih ciljev začne! ;)

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How to start? That was my first question when I decided to go to the gym and build my body. ;) I admit, I would never make the first step by myself, that's why a special thanks goes to my better half. He brought me to the gym and introduced me to his friend, who's a true master of fitness. It was not easy. I had stage fright. But thanks to Mario, it was much easier.

This was my first contact with gym so I want to share a few helpful tips how to start. It's important to know that so far I only did running and yoga on my own, so all this gym thing is really new to me. Since forever I've had this strange feeling about going to the gym to exercise in front of other people. Especially because most of them have nice and big muscles. 

This is my TIP #1: don't be scared and go for it! Don't forget that each and every one of them were just as I am or you are at the beginning. So I did it, for the first time I went to the gym! 

My second question was, what do I need with me to gym? So my TIP #2: you don't need much: just some comfortable sporty clothes, trainer shoes, water & a towel. As an extra thing for boost, you can make a special playlist of your favorite music to keep you happy and motivated. Okay, maybe for me, as a fashionista, it was also very important to get my first "fitness look". I chose a whole NIKE look, grey sports bra and shorts and neon yellow training shoes. ;) 

So I was finally ready to go! The first day was all about theory. Mario, who has gym on his daily schedule, explained all the basic and important things about exercises and fitness equipment. My TIP #3: for the first training session, get some professional assistence. It's really important to know what you want to achieve and how to get there. So my TIP #4: make your plan! In my case, I don't want to lose weight but I also don't want to get huge muscles. My plan is to strengthen the body. I want to focus specifically on the abdomen and legs, and so we made a plan!


 - My training plan - 

The training plan consists of three training sessions per week. Each training session I start with warming up my body - about 15 minutes on the runner or stepper. After that it's really important to stretch the muscles. Thanks to my yoga skills I'm like a chewing gum, so this is my favorite part! After a good stretch comes the real work-out. 

Each training I will focus on different things. We have prepared three type of training days: one day it's "leg day", next one "cardio" and the third training day will be focused on "combo and abs". 

Don't worry, these words are all new to me, too! Everything will be explained in the following posts where I will go through and describe my each training session.

Until my first training post, let me just remind you: it's really important to start slow, make a training plan and the most imporant thing is to learn to listen to your body. 

Let's do it! ;)

See you in the gym!  

Much love,


Training Day #1: "LEG DAY"

Lying down in the hotel bed with a breath-taking view on Piran and thinking about how and what to write about my first real training. I'm dead! Simple and realistic. I can't feel my legs and at the same time I feel this pain that I've never felt in my life before - muscle soreness. I guess we did a great first training!

Well, they say you better get use to this "pain" while this is the only way of progress. So here I am happy, proud of myself and full of pain at the same time!

But don't get too scared, the feeling after hard workout is priceless! ;)

Anyways, let me tell you about my first training. I started my first "leg day" session with warming up my body - about 10 minutes on the runner. Then I stretched for another 10 minutes.  This is no biggie. For stretching I recommend a couple of sessions of yoga class where you can really learn how to become flexible. I will also pepare in one of my next posts few basic yoga positions, that will help you to really stretch the muscles before and after your workout.

After a good stretch my personal trainer Mario prepared a workout for me, consisting of 4 different exercises for legs:


- place yours hands on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width apart;

- put the barbell behind your head on your shoulders;

keep your head up at all times and also maintain a straight back;

- bend your knees and slowly lower yourself down until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor;

- stand back up to complete the rep.

DSC 1803DSC 1815



- place an exercise step bench or something higher in front of you;

- stand straight and put the barbell on your shoulders;

- put one leg on the step bench and push other leg against the floor, then push off the ground;

- with every rep change the leg that is pushing off the ground.

DSC 1925DSC 1942



put the barbell behind your head on your shoulders;

- place an exercise step bench behind you;

- step forward, put your left leg on the bench and very carefully knee down with your right forwarded leg;

- inhale and lower your body, till the time your left knee touches the ground; 

- to finish off the move, push your knee upwards and exale while trying to return to the starting position.

DSC 1833DSC 1838  


- place the barbell in front of you on the workout floor;

- straight your back, bend down and hold the bar;

- keep your hands shoulder width apart;

- hold up the barbell and keep your arms straight;

- while pulling the barbell up, make sure your hips and shoulders rise together and your back is straight;

- when you have lifted the entire barbell, push your shoulders slightly back, so that you can feel they are being stretched;

- to finish put the barbell back on the ground with a slow and steady motion.

DSC 1851DSC 1857


A reminder: in between your exercises drink water as you feel is necessary, but not too much as this may make you feel sick.

After a session of 4 different exercises I did rounds for the end. That means I try to do each exercise 20 times for three times in a row. Here you go my results of rounds: 

1. Step Ups 20-16-12;

2. Squats 15-12-8;

3. Lunges 16-12-10. 

My time of these three exercises in rounds was 4:11 min. As you can see I couldn't handle the full workout of 20 reps for each exercise, but that's all right. The important thing is I did my best and big thanks goes to my trainer buddy Mario for the extra boost and support during my workout. So when you feel like dying, do a few more and you will make the best of your workout! 

In the end don't forget to stretch out your muscles, especially the ones that you have been working on.  

And a word of warning: please do not attempt to perform these exercises at home as they can be dangerous without professional supervision.

Good luck, guys and see you in the gym! 

For any questions, feel free to ask. Me and my friend Mario will do our best to get the right answer for you.  

With love,


Training day #2: COMBO EXERCISES

Hey, loves! Do you still remember I started working out and how I made my training plan? Since then, I have been working hard and I have to say I'm getting better and better with every workout. For those who didn't read my first training post, you can still read it here: Training day #1: "Leg day". Today it is time to show you how the second part of my training plan looks like, all about "abs & combo"! 

I believe most of us are looking for that elusive flat belly! So me and my trainer buddy Mario did this great combo training which hits your entire core - not just ab muscles but also the muscles that support the spine - from all angles, with a variety of moves that challenge your stability, balance and torsional strength.

So let's do it! ;) 


- place bar on the back of shoulders;

- stand with feet wide apart; foot of lead leg angled out to side;

- lower body toward side of angled foot by bending knee and hip of lead leg while keeping opposite leg only slightly bent;

- return to original standing position by extending hip and knee of lead leg; repeat. DSC 1960-2


- begin in a comfortable standing position with your knees slightly bent;

- drop down into a half squat by bending at the knees and hips;

- from that position power up as fast as you can at the same time swinging your arms through and up in front of you;

- as you jump up bring the knees up towards the chest as high as you can;

- land back on both feet and as soon as you touch down repeat again.

DSC 1997


- stand up straight on the BOSU ball;

- slowly lower to a squat position by lowering your butt down and activating your quads;

- raise back up to a standing position.

DSC 2049


- stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent;

- keeping the arch in your lower back, bend your hips back until the kettlebell is between and behind your legs;

- squeeze your glutes to extend your hips and swing the weight up;

- let the weight swing back between your legs as you bend your hips and slightly bend your knees.

DSC 2125


lie on your back and lift your legs up with knees bent at a 90 degree angle so that your calves are parallel to the floor;

- the movement is a regular crunch.

DSC 2152


- lie down on a flat surface and start with your legs straight, then come up;

- touch your toes, and then let your torso fall back down.

DSC 2165


- sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor;

- contract your abs and sit at about a 45 degrees angle;

- hold the medicine ball with both hands directly in front of you;

twist slowly from your torso to your right and touch the medicine ball to the floor beside you;

- quickly, but smoothly, contract your abs and twist your torso and touch the medicine ball to the other side.

DSC 2195DSC 2199


- lie flat on your back, placing both feet on top of a Bosu ball;

- raise your hips upward while squeezing your glutes;

pause, then slowly lower back to the starting position.

DSC 2212


- lie with your upper back supported on a bosu ball and your feet planted on the floor in front of you;

- hold a barbell across your hips;

- lower your hips down so your glutes almost come in contact with the floor;

- pressing through your heels and squeezing your glutes, return the barbell to the start position.

DSC 2262

10. PLANK:

supporting yourself on your forearms and the balls of your feet, bridge up and position your body in one straight line;

- pull your abs in tight and hold for 30-60 seconds.

DSC 2296


 lie on your side with your forearm perpendicular to your body and one foot stacked over the other;

- bridge your hip up and hold for 30-60 seconds while maintaining a straight line with your body.

DSC 2332 

In the end don't forget to stretch out your muscles, especially the ones that you have been working on. And a word of warning: please do not attempt to perform these exercises at home as they can be dangerous without professional supervisionFor any questions, feel free to ask. Me and my friend Mario will do our best to get the right answer for you.  

Good luck, guys and see you in the gym! ;)

Workout Time

Hey, guys! It's been a while since I've posted about my trainings. No worries, I'm working hard three times a week, it just takes time to get my boys Mario & Robert around to do the training and to capture everything with the camera. ;) But when it happens, we have a lot of fun! 

While those "trainings" for the blog don't look as a REAL training day, you're right, they don't. Because when we're taking pictures I want to get the proper execution of exercises and all together make more attractive for you guys. ;) However, on my real training days I'm all sweaty, red in the face and I can barely breathe, that's when it's important for me to really focus just on and dedicate myself to the workout and do my best. 

So, here you go! Today's workout is in pair again, which makes everyting a bit easier somehow, because you have your training buddy with you. We did 5 different exercises based on abs and balance: 

1. Russian twist:

- sit on the floor leaning back to back with the knees together and slightly bent; 

- twist and hand the ball to your partner from side to side;

- make sure you are moving from your waist, not your shoulders.

DSC 7027

2. Partner squats:

- stand back to back; 

- lean against each other;

- lower your hips together until your thighs are parallel to the floor;

- with each squat pass the ball above the head to your partner.

DSC 7058

3. Side ab crunches:

- lie on your back next to your partner in opposite direction;

- bend your knees and put your hands behind your head;

- lift your shoulders towards the ceiling using your abdominal muscles and “high 5” to your partner. 

DSC 7090 

4. Partner push up plank:

- go into a plank with your heads pointed at each other;

- lift one hand up from your plank and give your partner’s shoulder a good push; 

- partner should do the same on your opposite shoulder. 

DSC 7128 

5. Bosu ball squats:

stand on a bosu ball with your feet hip-width apart;

- together with your partner hold the ball at head height; 

- bend your hips and knees to lower into a squat.

DSC 7195

- A word of warning: please do not attempt to perform these exercises at home as they can be dangerous without professional supervision. -