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Hey folks! I hope you spend this crazy hot weekend somewhere close to the water. I had a great time with my friends from Germany, who visited me in my hometown Ljubljana. They stayed in a beautiful Vander Urbani Resort Hotel in the old part of the city center next to river Ljubljanica. Awesome design hotel with beautiful terrace view over the Ljubljana and this little, but just perfect rooftop pool for the refreshment. That was their "the it spot" of the weekend, which is totally understandable on almost 38°C. Meanwhile me and Robert did few pictures with my new totally awesome Le Specs sunglasses. I'm in love!

Stay tuned for the pictures of my second pick of Le Specs sunnies. I really can't decide which ones I like better. Ah, sweet problems. ;) Have a wonderful start of the week everyone!

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// Zara top // MET pants // Daniel Wellington watch // Le Specs sunglasses // 


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Summerish and cool - my new Le Specs sunnies are all about that. I just can't take them off my face, that's how cool and comfortable they are to wear. As I said "the cool" look with the special purple/blue lens effect is definitely guaranteed.

Stay cool in this hot summer days everyone! ;)

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Hey loves! MyLe Specs package finally arrived and I want to introduce my fav picks to you guys:HALFMOON MAGIC &LE SPECS LUXE THE HEIRESS. First ones are just a "MUST" for the summer time. Light and beautiful on the first touch with matte black color of the frame makes them very comfortable to wear. "The cool" look with the special purple/blue lens effect is definitely guaranteed.

My second pick are special edition of Le Specs LUXE collection. Those are just WOW! Beautiful color of lenses with nice and smooth lines of the frame - total sophistication, still having the youthful nature of Le Specs.

Well, I'm more then ready to take my new beauties for upcoming summer adventures.

Stay tuned.