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Fallen autumn leaves and nice sunny weather - what a perfect vibe! Today's star of the day is this beautiful new grey coat with a big hoodie, which is so "me"! ;) I decided for a minimalistic and casual autumn look. I put some red lipstick on and I took my new boot babes for a nice sunny walk down to the city center. Comfy and classy in one, ahh I just love this kind of style. 

 I was wearing: 

- Coat from

- H&M jeans

- Zara sunglasses

- Michal Negrin hamsa necklace

- H&M body

- Forever21 bag

- Boots from 

DSC 2871DSC 3114DSC 2909



This is pure urban lifestyle with a touch of nature! ;)
Let me introduce you my favorite Slovenian brand of sunglasses : D I F F E R E N T .



DSC 5356

Summerish and cool - my new Le Specs sunnies are all about that. I just can't take them off my face, that's how cool and comfortable they are to wear. As I said "the cool" look with the special purple/blue lens effect is definitely guaranteed.

Stay cool in this hot summer days everyone! ;)

DSC 5378PHOTO1DSC 5399DSC 5340

C I M M A R O N . J E A N S

DSC 6572DSC 6604DSC 6582DSC 6563DSC 6596DSC 6554

// Sweater from STORETS // CIMARRON jeans // ANNE KLEIN bag // CINTI boots // 

Gloomy weather - grayish outfit, it's all connected. Since today's weather is not very sunny in Munich and I’m not getting positive vibes from it, my outfit reflects the mood. In days when I don't feel very inspired I love to go for a comfy and "secure" look. Starting with one of my favorite pair lately – CIMARRON jeans, which are super soft and a bit high-waisted, so I can tuck my fluffy sweater in it to create some shape. Basic black leather jacket and new Cinti boots give a touch of classiness. That's a great platform to play around with some accessories. The beautiful snake print on my bag makes this look complete.

Looking forward for more sunny and positive inspired looks! ;)

Have a nice Monday and a fresh start to your week! 


Good morning, folks! ;) I've started my day with a delicious cup of coffee and a copy of new L&Z magazine, where you can find my interview. The fact how lucky I am to do what I love and call it my full time job makes me happiest kiddo on the planet! So if you don't have your copy yet, here is one for you! Special thanks to L&Z magazine for including me in this article together with two other great bloggers. And you know what? If there is something else you would like to know about me, write a comment below and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible! Have a lovely day, everyone! X



DSC 6478 

Good morning! Mondays are for fresh starts so lets kick the day off with my latest collaboration with newly born brand MILA.VERT! I'm honoured to be a part of the beginning of this beautiful and fresh ethical clothing brand that originates from Slovenia. In the very first moment the collection was introduced to me I fell in love with it. Minimalistic and sophisticated pieces of the collection were just made for me! This brand is special because of their commitment to using fabrics that contain at least 90% of environmentally friendly fibres, mainly certified organic cotton. They put emphasis on the quality of clothing - the pieces are timeless and made to last. That's the way to go, welcome and keep up the good work, Mila Vert! 

milavert2milavert1copyDSC 6019milavert4DSC 6173



FINALLY! I have been delaying with this post – I really do apologize. Everyone is asking me why I didn't do blog updates while staying in NYC but honestly there was just no time! Besides that I really wanted to enjoy every minute of my trip so I didn't stress myself with writing blogposts. Trust me, it's hard work! I really need the right time and the right vibe to write and so here it is! After a few busy - including the jet-lagged - days in Ljubljana, I got back home to Munich and settled down in my working place and I am ready to tell you my story.

SO as you know, I have been in NYC before, living and working there as a model. I was all crazy about the energy and the love I have for this city goes back to 2012. I had the time of my life, not to mention the successful work I had done there. And this year I went back after almost three years - feels like long time no doubt! Let me just mention that this was my first time going there on "vacation", with my friend Tina. Well, in the end there was no real vacation, but we survived! I want to thank my dear friend Tina for being my "partner in crime" during all three weeks. It was no easy task, I have to admit, but we've made it! Why so? Well, the very last minute before the day of our departure, I decided to give it a try and attend NYFW as a blogger for the first time, and later on that day my registration was confirmed - at that moment everything turned upside down! I was looking for some proper outfits for NYFW the very last second, and today I can't be more happy I had made this decision to get a few of my favorite pieces from a young but very talented Slovenian designer Matic Veler. Matic, sorry for that very last minute call and thanks for such great creations that made me feel so damn good! Respect! 

After we landed to JFK airport and started driving toward our apartment on Manhattan, all the memories came back and they were so vivid, it was crazy! The very first morning we woke up super early and spent the entire day like first-time tourists! We went sightseeing - everything that was worth visiting as that was the first time in NYC for Tina. Even though we were so tired and didin't sleep much, we had enough energy to go out and party! I tell you, this city gives you energy like no other! So the first two days were on "very easy" mode - went to places and just enjoying the city. On the third day of our stay NYFW started so we had to get ready and rock the scene! Haha, ok honestly we had no doubt what it actually means to attend NYFW... so as we got there the real craziness began! Literally. I really though we would be sitting somewhere behind, watching the shows and that's it, no big deal. But then, as I stepped out of the taxi I realized it was going to be much more than just a leisurely activity. A very interesting fact about the whole thing is my experience of walking NYFW in 2012 as a model, which was back then very stressful, but then attendning the same thing as a blogger turned out to be a completely different thing! And I have to say that this time it was even harder! While you are on the shows as a model, you represent a designer's work and nobody really cares about you, the model personally, but then going out there as a blogger and representing yourself and your personal style - now that's another thing entirely: numerous photographers following you from the moment you step out of the taxi to the start of the show, and then the feeling when you're sitting, all relaxed & ready to watch the show but at the same moment remembering the last time I was here and knowing that total chaos rules the backstage made me feel strange and confused.

Nevertheless, I am glad I had the opportunity to experience both sides! Can't decide what was more excited! A big highlight of it was being featured and other fashion portals as one of the best street style looks on NYFW! I wish Matic could have been there with me to see and feel how much people were impressed by his work! I really felt good in his creations, and people could definitely see it!

Besides all the NYFW craziness, we had a lot of fun and attended great parties, which for me are the best NYC feature. The night before we left to Miami was especially wild & awesome. I got to catch up with a friend of mine, dear Loui Ferry who worked as a hairstylist on NYFW and we had a really great night out together! It's always a pleasure to meet your people unexpectedly on the other side of the world!

After the crazy week in NY, we left for a proper vacation on the South Beach in Miami, more about that is coming in the next post! I'm still so hyped from all the energy and love this city has, it's crazy! I would move there right now, I swear! 

Ah New York, dear New York.. thank you! Looking forward to go back soon! This time I won't wait three years again, for sure!

Until next time...







In today's StreetChatElla style inspirations I want to show you this amazing H&M orange dress for only 19,95€!

YES you read it correctly! ;)



 Today's StreetChatElla style inspiration

are boyfriend jeans.

Comfy and staylish look, that's definetley me! ;)


I was wearing:

- Zara boyfriend jeans

- H&M body

- H&M leather jacket

- Michael Kors watch

- H&M clutch

- Forever21 pumps

- Topshop necklace 






Training Day #1: "LEG DAY"

Lying down in the hotel bed with a breath-taking view on Piran and thinking about how and what to write about my first real training. I'm dead! Simple and realistic. I can't feel my legs and at the same time I feel this pain that I've never felt in my life before - muscle soreness. I guess we did a great first training!

Well, they say you better get use to this "pain" while this is the only way of progress. So here I am happy, proud of myself and full of pain at the same time!

But don't get too scared, the feeling after hard workout is priceless! ;)

Anyways, let me tell you about my first training. I started my first "leg day" session with warming up my body - about 10 minutes on the runner. Then I stretched for another 10 minutes.  This is no biggie. For stretching I recommend a couple of sessions of yoga class where you can really learn how to become flexible. I will also pepare in one of my next posts few basic yoga positions, that will help you to really stretch the muscles before and after your workout.

After a good stretch my personal trainer Mario prepared a workout for me, consisting of 4 different exercises for legs:


- place yours hands on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width apart;

- put the barbell behind your head on your shoulders;

keep your head up at all times and also maintain a straight back;

- bend your knees and slowly lower yourself down until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor;

- stand back up to complete the rep.

DSC 1803DSC 1815



- place an exercise step bench or something higher in front of you;

- stand straight and put the barbell on your shoulders;

- put one leg on the step bench and push other leg against the floor, then push off the ground;

- with every rep change the leg that is pushing off the ground.

DSC 1925DSC 1942



put the barbell behind your head on your shoulders;

- place an exercise step bench behind you;

- step forward, put your left leg on the bench and very carefully knee down with your right forwarded leg;

- inhale and lower your body, till the time your left knee touches the ground; 

- to finish off the move, push your knee upwards and exale while trying to return to the starting position.

DSC 1833DSC 1838  


- place the barbell in front of you on the workout floor;

- straight your back, bend down and hold the bar;

- keep your hands shoulder width apart;

- hold up the barbell and keep your arms straight;

- while pulling the barbell up, make sure your hips and shoulders rise together and your back is straight;

- when you have lifted the entire barbell, push your shoulders slightly back, so that you can feel they are being stretched;

- to finish put the barbell back on the ground with a slow and steady motion.

DSC 1851DSC 1857


A reminder: in between your exercises drink water as you feel is necessary, but not too much as this may make you feel sick.

After a session of 4 different exercises I did rounds for the end. That means I try to do each exercise 20 times for three times in a row. Here you go my results of rounds: 

1. Step Ups 20-16-12;

2. Squats 15-12-8;

3. Lunges 16-12-10. 

My time of these three exercises in rounds was 4:11 min. As you can see I couldn't handle the full workout of 20 reps for each exercise, but that's all right. The important thing is I did my best and big thanks goes to my trainer buddy Mario for the extra boost and support during my workout. So when you feel like dying, do a few more and you will make the best of your workout! 

In the end don't forget to stretch out your muscles, especially the ones that you have been working on.  

And a word of warning: please do not attempt to perform these exercises at home as they can be dangerous without professional supervision.

Good luck, guys and see you in the gym! 

For any questions, feel free to ask. Me and my friend Mario will do our best to get the right answer for you.  

With love,