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Beauty picks of the day:

COLLISTAR : Gloss Nail Lacquer Gel Effect 542

& Lip Elixir.


NEW IN : CARTIER La Panthère Légère

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Hey ladies! Today I want to share with you my new favorite perfume on the list! Cartier launched La Panthère, a sensual and bold floral-chypre fragrance in the spring of 2014. A year after, a new version of the fragrance La Panthère Leger is launching. The luminous La Panthère Légère unveils a new facet of the original chypre-gardenia-musk accord. The floral felinity is newly illuminated by tiaré flower notes for a wake of sensuality warmed by amber rays of sunshine. The captivating fragrance for the free and passionate woman, it combines a radiant, floral heart with velvety notes of musk. 

All in all, I would say strong but light & classy but young! ;)

NMC1T4N mz 

NEW IN: Sensai Silky Purifying



Hey beauties! Today's beauty report is about a "double cleansing system" with products from SENSAI skincare brand.The SENSAI SILKY PURIFYING line reflects a passion for purify that is intrinsic to the culture of Japan. With extra-gentle ingredients, luxurious sensations and relaxing fragrance, SENSAI cleansing products and the double cleansing approach wash away impurities leaving the complexion cleansed and ready for subsequent skincare.

For this speacial Sensai double cleansing system I chose: 


Step 1: "Refreshingly smooth rinse-off gel with extra-gentle fast-acting scrub that removes oil-based dirt and make-up”


Actions and Benefits:

- the scrub gently and speedily brings up to the surface any make-up and sebum clogging the pores;

- cleanses to create a smooth, youthful silky textured skin.

To Use:

- use in the evenings as the 1st step of the double cleansing and use in the mornings depending on the skin types;

- take a small amount and spread onto entire face in circular motion, concentrating around the nostrils;

- rinse well with lukewarm water after the scrub melts and the hand motion gets light.

  After use:

- skin feels fresh;

- extra-gentle scrub gently removes make-up completely.


“Step 2: Rich silky soap with a lavish form and moist finish." 

Actions and Benefits:

- the silky smooth lather gently gets rid of dirt on the skin;

- cleanses to create a skin that’s smooth, soft and silky.

 To Use:

- use in the mornings and evenings as the 2nd step of the double cleansing system;

- take small amount on the palm and work into lather well with water;

- smooth onto moistened skin in circular motion;

- rinse well with lukewarm water.

  After use:

- skin feels smooth, soft and silky;

creamy soap L

I only just started using this double cleansing system and I have to say that so far I'm more than happy with the feeling of my skin after using both products! I would truly recommend the Sensai Silky Purifying produtcs to anyone who have high requirements when it comes to face cleansers.

All in all, don't forget the pure beauty is coming from inside. Try to live everyday fully and happy as much as possible!

Take care,



DSC 3734-22-2

Today's beauty star is the hottest product on the market at the moment: Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. 

Shiseido - the master of Japanese skincare launched a new product that contains Ultimune Complex that was developed from 20 years of dermatological research. The concentrate promises to improve your skin's immunity, maximizing its natural ability to renew and regenerate itself to be more beautiful. Shiseido states that this product works for all ages and skin types.

As I have been writing about my skin before, I'll just quickly remind you about my skin ''profile": my skin is dry to normal, once in a while when I'm really stressed my skin breaks out, but in general nothing big. I have little blackheads over my nose and quite thin skin under my eyes, so my fatigue is immediately visible.

I have been using this product for the last week now. It's extremely lightweight and has a gel-like consistency. I apply 1 pump in the morning and in the evening after cleansing and before moisturizing my face. After a few days of use, I've noticed my skin looks brighter and energized. I don't notice the glow yet, but I guess it will take some more time of using the product to get glowy results. And about wrinkles I can't say a word because I don't have them yet. 

All in all the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate looks promising, since my skin became brighter, smoother and softer after just a couple of days of use. 

As always I believe beauty comes from inside. With good food, a little workout and daily happy moments you'll get there for sure! :) 

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I was wearing:

- Zara Boyfriend Jeans

- H&M Body

- Zara Blazer

- Forever21 Bag

- Diesel Sneakers

- Pull&Bear Sungalsses

Special thanks to the café Cacao for the friendly service with such a beautiful view in the center of Ljubljana,

while shooting and writing this post.