IMG1481Heey, loves! :) Hope you started March in the best way possible! I'm back from Prague and I still can't believe one week flew by that fast! As you could see in my previous post, my first destination was B R N O and I really had a blast, but then Prague was just u n b e l i e v a b l y great! I can start with the big surprise on our first day in Prague, when my boy was supposed to come alone and in the end he showed up with Vilma's husband and surprised us both! Well done, guys! ;)

Our first stop in Prague was CACAO, of course! ;) Such a cool feeling when you are "used to" one place in your hometown and then there is one in Prague as well! Such a warm welcome to Prague!

The first day was all about tourist attractions. All the way from Wenceslas Square where our hotel was, to the main square in old town with popular Astronomical clock and all the way to the beautiful Charlies bridge and Prague castle. I had no idea Prague is such a beautiful city! I really fell in love with it from the very first moment! Varied collections of architecture and the good vibes in the city make this place a MUST to visit. Prague is a good mixture of charming and romantic Paris & multinational and dynamic Berlin, that's how I would describe it, while cruising through the city last days.

Well, Prague definitely inspired us and we will be back in summer time for sure! ;) 

Can't wait! X



Well, hello there! Here I am, after a while, back on track! I'm sooo sorry guys, but I just couldn't spend time on the computer while being for the first time on this beautiful piece of Earth called M A L D I V E S. Even now I'm having a hard time being on the computer and trying to do all the work for the past two weeks, but well I'm getting slowly back into the routine.  

So my lovely trip was all about wearing bikinis all day long, walking around without shoes, early waking up for sunrise and enjoying beautiful sunsets, eating good fresh food and having fun times with my team. I was really blessed to be a part of filming a promotional video for Maldives. More details coming soon! ;)

Right now I'm back from sunny weather and +32°C to grey Munich and -3°C! This difference in weather and temperature is killing me! I'm really not a winter person, so hopefully one day I will be able to live my dreams next to the ocean... 

Until then I will keep working hard! 

Talk to you soon!  

( just a little preview of what kind of mood I was there ;)