My dear shopping lovers, since spring is almost here it's time to refresh your closet and get ready for cool and sunny inspired outfits! One of my favorite online shop is having a big spring sale event for us! Woooohooo!



Well, you have a great opportunity to save money and order together with your friends.



- you save 15% with purchase over $250;

- you save 20% with purchase over $500;

- you save 25% with purchase over $1000.



SALE starts today on Tuesday March 3, 2015 Eastern Time (New York zone) and finish on Sunday March 8, 2015 Eastern Time (New York zone). 

Check out my spring favorite colorful bags from! Let your playful personality out & happy SHOPPING, loves! ;)


1. Kotur

2. Diane von Furstenberg


4. MZ Wallace 

5. Yazbukey

6. Kotur 


Heey, loves! I hope you had a great weekend and you've started this week full of positive and creative energy. Last week was super sunny in Ljubljana and I feel spring is just around the corner. Obviously it's time for a little upgrade of the eyewear collection! Therefore I made a small eyewear trend list for you! And guess what?! I found that all these beauties in STILAGO OUTLET! As you already know, I love "sale sections" and outlet shops in general. It makes me so happy when I find a piece I really like and is not overpriced. Top piece + good price = perfect combo! ;) And when this happens, I have this special feeling going through my body I really can't describe, but is f****** awesome! ;) Sounds crazy, but I just love to create a good styling out of the million pieces when it comes to sale and outlet shopping! And my favorite part about Stilago Outlet is just 5-6 days of delivery time. How cool is that?! ;) 

Ok and now a little something about my sunglasses picks! I love sunglasses and I have around 20 pairs. Crazy, I know. But I like to have a choice for every possible styling I want to put together. So, no judging, right? ;) 

Today I put together 9 different styles of sunglasses. From basic black to colorful sunnies in different shapes.  


1. Ray Ban // 2. Dior // 3. Dior // 4. Ray Ban // 5. John Galliano // 6. Marc By Marc Jacobs // 7. Gucci // 8. Lancester // 9. Michael Kors 

When you have a lot of colors and prints in your outfiut I would suggest using basic black sunglasses. With this you can never go wrong. On the other hand, when you don't know what to wear and you just put together basic jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers lets say, then go for the most crazy sunnies you have to make your "basic styling" a bit more interesting! ;) Sunglasses are a perfect accessory to create the whole look special and unique. So go for it and play with it! ;) 


Good morning, folks! :)

The big day is here! It was a long and hard night, but I'm all packed and ready to enjoy the paradise on Earth! But before I catch my plane let me quickly remind you about BIG EVENT @SHOPBOP. I just ordered a few more things for upcoming winter days when I'm back in December. You have a great opportunity to save money and order together with your friends. Hurry up, guys and use the code GOBIG14 at checkout. This big offer expires Monday, December 1, 2014!

- CLICK to read more details about the big event -

Happy shopping!



1. KG Kurt Geiger Boots

2. Mz Wallace Metro Backpack

3. Tory Burch Ring Set

4. Kate Spade Necklace

5. Eugenia Kim Hat

6. Kate Spade Gloves

7. Molami Plica Headphones

8. Karen Walker Sunglasses