Hey loves! First of all I would like to sincerely apologize for my absence, while I had a quite tough time last weeks. Anyway I'm right now in Ibiza in a wonderful yoga retreat, so I'm getting back on track very soon and until then I wrote a little something for you as an update what's going on meanwhile.

If you didn't know, today is my day, my birthday! I was born 24 years ago – it seems like I have all my life in front of me, but I am aware time can pass by way too fast. I have already been through many changes, and I know there are many more to come. Changes are happening every single day, some of them a bit smaller some of them big enough to turn our life upside down in a day, but I believe every single step in life is equally important to bring us to the right place. Just like the change I am experiencing right now.

The opportunity to be a model and travel was a chance of a lifetime. As you may already know, I have been traveling since I was 14 years old and today when I’m turning 24 feels like it was just yesterday that I had my first model trip to Milan. But 10 years is quite a period in life, especially because those were the years I was growing up into the person who I am today.

I’ve been through a lot: hard starts, searching myself and learning every single day something new. To be honest, I would never have thought of being a model, but today I’m thankful to the people who introduced me to this business. I fell, I learnt and I stood up again on my very own and that’s my biggest richness. Why? - Because nobody can take that away from me. I call it "my life’s university", which is also the reason I haven’t completed my (formal) education yet. In all these years my dearest parents and my one and only sister were the ones who made this happen. The trust, support and love they gave me when I was just a kiddo, with no idea of what this life is all about, they let it all happen. This is my biggest fortune. I say no money or education can replace this or take it away from me, and I stand behind my words. I am one lucky kiddo and I will appreciate it my whole life.

So after my model travels during my adolescent years, I was struck with a quite a blow. It was during "the best time for modeling" for me, that my dad’s sickness turned everything upside down. I left everything behind without a question and went back home to give my family all the support and love I have to them. So now it’s been two years of my living in Ljubljana and I’ve been really  liking it. On one hand, I could finally spend more time with my boyfriend and friends, who always supported me on my way. But then on the other hand I realized I’m missing my job and travels, meeting new people on a daily basis, being creative and living the life I had imagined for myself.

So here comes the realization that Ljubljana, is unfortunately not the place where I can be creative and further develop myself in the way I wish to, but then again this will always be my home. So after some difficult times in the last few months, I’ve decided to make a step towards the things I’m missing in life at the moment and I can’t live without. It may seem so easy writing this, but trust me it’s everything but easy.

The whole purpose of this post is the change that has come knocking on my door and my decision to open it, and move to Munich, which is like my second home. It was a hard decision, because I’m going away from my family, boyfriend and friends, who are also like a family to me, but in the end: if I’m not happy, what else can I do?

Nonetheless, it just felt right to share my story with you - you may be in the same or similar situation, so you can feel a bit better while reading this, but if nothing else, then it’s at least a bit easier for me. I really appreciate your love and good vibes, so the least I can do in return is to be honest and share my good and bad moments with you.

So, my dears, it’s time for some changes in my story and I hope you will be a part of it in the future too. Happy 24th birthday to me, which will hopefully bring a year full of positive and happy moments for us all!

Love to all of you!
Yours Anela

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IMG 4285

Hey, loves! Hope you are doing fine! I have to say, since I moved to Munich time flies even faster! All that moving to a new city and consequently another country takes so much time and energy!!! I was a busy bee but I still managed to do everything. So just NOW I got some spare time to share with you these beautiful pictures from my last trip to Ibiza. Ohh, please take me back to this beautiful island! Beaches, water and nature is just amazing there - definitely going back soon! Until then, I will enjoy my next trip to Italy with my amazing team; we are going to do some great and very exciting stuff, so stay tuned! And afterwards I'm flying directly to NYC to the fashion week and afterwards – it just won’t end, will it hihi :) - to Miami. Wooop woop, crazy times are coming and I love it! ;)  

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IMG 4481

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Hey loves! I prepared little INSTA update before my Ibiza post is ready! This week passed in the blink of an eye and I really can't find the words to describe my feelings after this super relaxed time on Ibiza. I recharged my batteries and now I'm ready to hit the road with the upcoming adventures! Stay tuned! X

S U M M E R . D R E A M

Hey peeps,

the day when I can finally share with you our latest project we have been working on in the end of this summer it's here! Me and my amazing team: makeup and hair artist Vilma for MICAHEL BAUM, photographer Robert Ribič, video team from Ajda, Nejc and Andrej, and my dear friend Mirela Muminovič, as an assistant, spent a few days in new Falisia, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Portopiccolo Sisitiana, Italy. And no, we were not on vacation this time. We were filming this beautiful "Summer dream @Portopiccolo Sistiana" story in the newest and the most luxury resort on Adriatic coast! It was such a pleasure to let our creativity out there and to enjoy in all the beauty they built along the Adriatic cost. 

We stayed in a new, only recently open Falisia Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Portopiccolo. Falisia offers an elegant selection of accommodation with alluring sea views including a wellness center, outdoor infinity pool with endless sea view, exclusive rooftop terrace and a private white shingle beach. A new luxury complex features also a beach club, an elegant promenade of fashion boutiques and a marina with a yacht club. Such an amazing place to stay, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  

It was a perfect way to end already amazing summer 2015! 

A big shoutout to my amazing team and special thanks to Falisia Luxury Collection Resort and Spa for having us!

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DSC 7482

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DSC 8802

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DSC 7364

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SUMMER HIT: Circle Shades


It's finally sunny!

Wihaa time for HIT of the season:

circle sunnies! ;)



Sun is finally up and and spring is definitely the here! Today I want to share with you my favorite HIT of this season - circle sunnies. It's only May and I have got already around 10 new pairs sunnies. CRAZY right?! ;) I know! Anyways in case when I like so many different colors and motives, I'm trying to get them in "high street" shops whit "normal" prices so I don't go bankrupt. J J J 


I prepared for you few of my favorite sunnies and as you can see there is so many cool sunnies for under 40€. Wihaa I just can't wait to style them with my summer outfits! ;) ..soon, very soon! Until then, enjoy and get yourself favorite pair of sunnies - summer is comming! :) 


Much love,



1. PATRICIAFIELD: Pearl Circle Shades 18$

2. NASTY GAL: Dizzy Shades 15€

3. REVOLVE: Cheris Sunglases 33€

4. ZARA: Rubberized Effect Sunglasses 16,95€

5. ASOS: Minkpink Love Aesthetics Round Sunglasses 37,95€

6. ETSY: Vintage Cat-Eye Sunglasses 24,50$

7. MONKI: Hope Sunglasses 10€

8. NECESSARYCLOTHING: Asha Quay Sunglasses 45$

9. AKIRA: Chelsea Sunglasses 12,90$



DSC 7101DSC 7052DSC 6883DSC 7127DSC 7108DSC 7119

 Forever21 top & skirt // Zara bag & sandals // Daniel Wellington watch // Vintage sunglasses