- YOGA -

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- Y O G A is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. -

(Bhagavad Gita)

A few years ago I started working on my yoga abilities. I have to admit I started on my own at home watching youtube pro yoga teachers' videos and tried to do some basic yoga poses in front of the mirror. Somehow I really got the feeling for it! I was listening to my body and just kept doing it. Then I went to a couple of professional classes in New Yok and Paris during my model traveling and that's how yoga become part of my everyday.

Yoga is something you never really learn entirely, it's a way of life. You can always push yourself harder and achieve something new. Yoga is not just about your body abilities, it's much deeper and totally connected to your mind. It's all about the balance. 

The best thing about it is that it's never too late to start and you can do it whenever and wherever you want. Eeach try makes you stronger and brings you to the next personal level. 

Because the autumn weather is really nice and sunny, I went to park Tivoli and did my yoga session there. You can see some of the basic yoga poses in the beautiful autumn vibe.

With yoga I learnt my body is the most amazing thing I will ever own. 

- Namaste -  

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KU Retreats IBIZA

Hey, my loves! Hope you are having amazing summer time! I'm back to my new place in Munich, slowly creating it into a home and I just couldn't wait to tell you everything about my last week in Ibiza. So here it is...

My last few weeks were very stressful due to my decision of moving to Germany and many changes that come with it. Every moment - while packing and saying goodbye to my loved ones - was very hard for me. Luckily, I got this amazing opportunity to visit Wellness Ku Retreats in Ibiza, and my mood suddenly lightened. You know that feeling when life starts moving in the right direction, like pieces of the puzzle starting to come together? That’s how I would describe this amazing chance to join Ku Resorts Ibiza. In the right place at the right time! I was really looking for a short escape from everything, to be with myself, to rest and recharge my batteries. And I got everything I wanted and so much more!

This was my time to switch off and de-stress from everything. I stayed in beautiful Can Pino Mountaintop Villa, which is located in stunning Ibizian hills with peaceful forest surroundings. Miguel Silva and Dominika Mayer Silva are the establishers of the beautiful Ku Retreats in Ibiza. They created a weeklong retreat with introductory program that gives participants the knowledge, practice and skills to achieve a better and healthier life style, full of vitality and relaxation. Miguel and Dominika are a truly amazing couple, their energy is just incredible. The place they created for the retreats feels like home - cosy, relaxed and peaceful. So Ku Retreats is definitely the right place for yoga, group activities, macrobiotic meals and meditation mentoring to help detox your body and soul.

IMG 4213

 Swimming pool spot @ Can PinoMountaintop Villa  

I have to say that beside yoga, everything was very new to me. At first I thought I may not like the macrobiotic meals, because I never really followed any kind of diet in my life, but I gave myself a change and believe it or not, I loved it! Me and two girls, who stayed at the retreat at same time at time, were so positively surprised! The food tasted delicious! During our stay at the retreat we thought we would put on weight, because we ate so much. But now that we're back home, we saw (we stayed in touch) that we haven't gained a kilo! ;)

IMG 4534

 Lunch time @ Can Pino Mountaintop Villa.

And what is Macrobiotics, actually?

The term “macrobiotics” comes from the Greek ‘makro’, meaning large, great or long, and bios, meaning life and it was firstly used by Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, who stated: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.”

Macrobiotics is a system used to create health and achieve balance in your life, with food such as whole grains, pulses, sea vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Asian yin-yang philosophy also contributes to finding balance and vitality. It may sound as a ‘hard’ diet, but actually if you really go for it, you can prepare delicious meals with these ingredients, which we enjoyed for the whole week at Ku Retreats. When I got back home, my first stop was Asian food market, where I got a few ingredients for the meals I really liked and I want to include into my everyday. One of the simplest is delicious Miso soup, which has many health benefits. Miso is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock called "dashi" into which softened miso paste is mixed. A simple and easy preparation, but results in a delicious meal.

IMG 4065

Delicious Miso soup.

IMG 4167

Porridge with mixed nuts, seeds and jam for the breakfast.

IMG 4085

Salad made out of alfafa, soy sprouts, lettuce, spiced cashews, toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes and brocoli sprouts. 

IMG 4551

Grilled tofu on sesame seeds, sake and soy sauce. 

IMG 4123

Chickpea triangles with corn creme dressed with toasted nori seaweed.

IMG 4235

Tagine of Yam seasoned with mediterranean spices.

IMG 4206

Dates filled with cashew creme covered by raw chocolate and bee pollen.

IMG 4260

Potatoes with haricots verts, toasted sunflower seeds and olive oil seasoning.

IMG 4531

The most delicious watermalon I have ever had.

IMG 4176

Salad made out of with radishes, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, spinach with plum vinegar dressing.

IMG 4255

Tempeh cakes grilled with white and black sesame seeds and indian spices.

IMG 4242

 Kamut piadinas filled with avocado, rocket, tomato and fresh oregano. 

IMG 4074

Macrobiotic chai: kukicha tea with almond milk, masala spices and sweetened with licorice. 

IMG 4679

Dinner time @ Can Pino Mountaintop Villa.

IMG 4309

My delicious macro B-Day cake! 

During the stay, it was such a joy starting every day with early morning meditation and yoga class with Miguel, enjoying the delicious macrobiotic meals, having pleasant conversations with Dominika - she adjusts physical exercise guidelines for each individual and she is very good at it, I have to admit! I completely opened myself to her and I really felt good after every talk we had. We finished our day with a second yoga class with the amazing Irina Sbaglia. So days at Ku Retreats are full of different activities, but everything is happening in a very relaxed and chilled way. For the first time I tried also acupuncture and the results were stunning! I tell you, Miguel is a real magician.

IMG 4223

Enjoying my KU-massage with Miguel.

IMG 4645

My favorite spot to chill @ Ku retreats Ibiza.

IMG 4668

Acupuncture with Miguel.

IMG 4647

Beautiful Buddha detail in Ku retreats garden.

IMG 4517

Yoga class with Irina.

IMG 4613

Yoga class with Miguel.

IMG 4521

 Yoga class with Irina.

IMG 4642

Happy yoga family.

IMG 4555

Beautiful sunset in San Antonio, Ibiza.

IMG 4681

With Dominica, Miguel and their beautiful daughter Veda.

I'm truly blessed by being able to experience this beautiful adventure: I have connected with great people and will never forget the good vibes I had received while being there! All in all this was the best birthday gift I could ever wish for. So my dear Ku Retreats Ibiza family, once again thank you for this liberating and valuable experience. I will definitely be back again and until then I wish you all the best!

They also l aunched their KU Retreats in Tuscan, have a look right here: Looking forward to join them soon! 


Training Day #1: "LEG DAY"

Lying down in the hotel bed with a breath-taking view on Piran and thinking about how and what to write about my first real training. I'm dead! Simple and realistic. I can't feel my legs and at the same time I feel this pain that I've never felt in my life before - muscle soreness. I guess we did a great first training!

Well, they say you better get use to this "pain" while this is the only way of progress. So here I am happy, proud of myself and full of pain at the same time!

But don't get too scared, the feeling after hard workout is priceless! ;)

Anyways, let me tell you about my first training. I started my first "leg day" session with warming up my body - about 10 minutes on the runner. Then I stretched for another 10 minutes.  This is no biggie. For stretching I recommend a couple of sessions of yoga class where you can really learn how to become flexible. I will also pepare in one of my next posts few basic yoga positions, that will help you to really stretch the muscles before and after your workout.

After a good stretch my personal trainer Mario prepared a workout for me, consisting of 4 different exercises for legs:


- place yours hands on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width apart;

- put the barbell behind your head on your shoulders;

keep your head up at all times and also maintain a straight back;

- bend your knees and slowly lower yourself down until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor;

- stand back up to complete the rep.

DSC 1803DSC 1815



- place an exercise step bench or something higher in front of you;

- stand straight and put the barbell on your shoulders;

- put one leg on the step bench and push other leg against the floor, then push off the ground;

- with every rep change the leg that is pushing off the ground.

DSC 1925DSC 1942



put the barbell behind your head on your shoulders;

- place an exercise step bench behind you;

- step forward, put your left leg on the bench and very carefully knee down with your right forwarded leg;

- inhale and lower your body, till the time your left knee touches the ground; 

- to finish off the move, push your knee upwards and exale while trying to return to the starting position.

DSC 1833DSC 1838  


- place the barbell in front of you on the workout floor;

- straight your back, bend down and hold the bar;

- keep your hands shoulder width apart;

- hold up the barbell and keep your arms straight;

- while pulling the barbell up, make sure your hips and shoulders rise together and your back is straight;

- when you have lifted the entire barbell, push your shoulders slightly back, so that you can feel they are being stretched;

- to finish put the barbell back on the ground with a slow and steady motion.

DSC 1851DSC 1857


A reminder: in between your exercises drink water as you feel is necessary, but not too much as this may make you feel sick.

After a session of 4 different exercises I did rounds for the end. That means I try to do each exercise 20 times for three times in a row. Here you go my results of rounds: 

1. Step Ups 20-16-12;

2. Squats 15-12-8;

3. Lunges 16-12-10. 

My time of these three exercises in rounds was 4:11 min. As you can see I couldn't handle the full workout of 20 reps for each exercise, but that's all right. The important thing is I did my best and big thanks goes to my trainer buddy Mario for the extra boost and support during my workout. So when you feel like dying, do a few more and you will make the best of your workout! 

In the end don't forget to stretch out your muscles, especially the ones that you have been working on.  

And a word of warning: please do not attempt to perform these exercises at home as they can be dangerous without professional supervision.

Good luck, guys and see you in the gym! 

For any questions, feel free to ask. Me and my friend Mario will do our best to get the right answer for you.  

With love,