Save the best for last, they say, and so I did! I saved the best moments of our amazing detox weekend for the last post! Let me first tell you about beautiful Valens Augusta Wellness Centre, which is a part of Grand Hotel Primus. It is an amazing place designed in the spirit of ancient Rome, and comprises three parts: the Imperium of well-being, the Flavia thermal baths and saunas, and the Vespasianus swimming pools. On the first day of our detox me, Tesa, Ajda and Katja went for the Japanese VIP room, and it was all about girl time, private sauna, jacuzzi and delicious fruit to snack.



On the second day I had a chance to try out Med Contour treatment. So what is that? "It’s a unique body shaping treatment that can reduce the size of the targeted area by as much as 2.5 cm in a single session. One of the most effective methods for eliminating excess fat and stubborn cellulite, it is the best natural alternative to liposuction". Well, the truth is that I really don’t need such a treatment, but I still tried it, just so I got to know more about it, and I found out the treatment is perfectly safe and painless. It’s a combination of ultrasound therapy, vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage, which helps eliminate toxins and fats, reduce the size, eliminate cellulite, tone the skin and improve its elasticity. Crazy, right? Afterwards I went for the second part of the treatment where I had to put on lymph stimulating pants. Super weird feeling, have to say!

After all the "body shaping" treatments, the last day before we left the hotel concluded with being glammed up with Babor cosmetics, as a cherry on top of our amazing experience. And so we were ready from our head to toes for our last stop of the trip!  




Our final destination was restaurant Ribič in Ptuj. We definitely deserved this totally amazing lunch as an award for successfully surviving a two-day detox! ;) Just kidding! But on a more serious note, the experience at Ribič restaurant was for people like me (food lovers) the real gourmet pampering. The food, service and environment were just awesome. It was my first but definitely not the last time eating there! Since lobster is my favorite seafood, it was my lucky day! All I can say is  d e l i c i o u s ! Well done, guys! Also I love their choice of drinks for each meal, they really know what they're doing. I highly recommend them!







Unfortunately, our absolutely super cool detox weekend had come to an end! Thanks to Grand Hotel Primus Ptuj for having us, Mercedes Benz Slovenija for making our ride much easier and safer, and to Gostilna Ribič for an amazing food experience.



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